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Hier lang, um jetzt im Shop zu stöbern

Legitimate Tees:
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Thanks for watching!


  1. ” they brought hair curlers thinking they were vibrators ” 😂😂😂 dead

    1. GDFilms omg

    2. GDFilms dead😂😂😂😂

    3. GDFilms I

    4. GDFilms I

    5. GDFilms that’s the funniest bit his mums laugh

  2. I love your Mom ;-D

    1. Josh reilly haha same u from Ireland aswell

    2. Jalpaca I

    3. Jalpaca *mum*

    4. Jalpaca get a life

  3. what a good sport

  4. I can see where you get your Top Banter from Weller. 👌

  5. Where is your jacket from ? Does anyone else know ?

    1. iOlneyG what jacket?

    2. iOlneyG earth

    3. a shop.

    4. iOlneyG what jacket?

    5. What jacket?

  6. I think it’s funny when your mum laughs like a kettle boiling

  7. Me being brown, “sex” is one of those words you just don’t say around you’re parents haha

    1. Sarah Obrien he is middle eastian like me so he is brown we are brown

    2. I’m also brown but my parents are fine with me swearing and stuff

    3. TariqTv your****

    4. Yeahhhh, It’s just normal for white people to talk about sex with their parents.

    5. Niggers

  8. Your mum is awesome.

  9. Your mum’s laughter is so funny omg

  10. you’re mum is so funny and dirty. I LOVE HER!!!!!

    1. Awesomeness 101 same

    2. Awesomeness 101 you look like a 10 year old lol

    3. wastefuljforjohn// johnplays\ the legand27// so 10 year old have no right to watch YouTube

    4. IAmDexter not these videos there’s a kids section for a reason

    5. joel young i know they arent supposed to be here but they can enter anyways
      like when we were lying if we were 18 to watch porn 😂

  11. Outro translation: “Hupapa alababub. See you soon baaaaye”.

    1. ThePokéRaf His bye sounded like he was singing 😂

  12. Why isn’t Joe wearing a coat it looks freezing!

    1. Jack Turner he is

    2. Jack Turner oh I see. As in I dont

    3. I get it, coz it’s camp 😂😂

    4. It’s a camo joke


  13. I love his mums laugh

  14. Joes mums a legend 😂

  15. Your mum is sooo funny was laughing the whole vidio

  16. hahahaha your maws filthy

    1. The_ CodFather I have 2 5 second videos 😂

    2. Catherine Townley lol I will subscribe to you do you fb

    3. The_ CodFather nope 👎🏻

    4. Catherine Townley fair enough then lol whos your favourite youtuber lol

    5. also subscribed

  17. your mum’s laugh is my religion

    1. grace! Hahaha same 😂

    2. Comment of the year

    3. Kristoffer Vatshelle wait what that comment was last year you geezer

    4. Tahir Miah Yea, i couldnt have said it if it was this year, cuz this year aint over yet

    5. grace! True

  18. Now I get where you got your awesomeness from 😁

  19. I love momma Weller

  20. Who’s watching this after the fight and feels bad 😬

    1. Why do you feel bad sunny Jim?

    2. yep😂😂

    3. Roo Todd lol me

    4. Finley Brudas tat mean 😭

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