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Jimmyjane Form 6 Vibrator review

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The best place to buy in Canada or the USA is at they often have 21% off sales (at least every 2 weeks) just enter the current code two times at checkout for your discount and add your free gift to your cart plus free shipping!! It should be about $125 Canadian!!! That's less than $100US and you still get free shipping to the USA!

the Jimmyjane form 6 is a dual ended silicone luxury vibrator. rechargeable, waterproof, body safe and complete with a 3 year warranty!
Granted, this one is a bit expensive, but there aren't a lot of toys that are dual ended and not meant for two people at once. Both ends have a strong motor that can be independently controlled or used in conjunction with one another, boasting multiple speeds and functions.

It is waterproof, rechargeable, comes with a 3 year warranty and is made of body safe medical grade silicone; safe to share as long as cleaned properly between orifices and/or users.

This is the Gen 3 which came out in 2012 and differs from the gen 2 not in strength or function, but by storage and a minor improvement in the 3 button interface.
The controls are located part way down the shaft of the toy and would be easily accidentally pushed during use if it wasn't for the fact that they are so darn hard to push. The vibrations themselves are slightly different in each end- the smaller hooked g-spot end approx 3/5 intensity while the thicker (5"C) end rates 4/5 fairly buzzy with a touch of rumble. Use waterbased lube only do not let toy come into contact with other silicone. Clean with antibacterial soap and water or 10%peroxide solution or commercial toy cleaner.

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We-Vibe 4 Best Couples Vibrator luxury sex toy review

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Buy at The BEST couples toy line on the market, the We-Vibe, by Canadian company Standard Innovation Corp, comes out with generation 4. This luxury, dual motored vibrator is made of 100% body safe silicone, now a smooth matte texture available in boringly common, purple or pink. Its waterproof, rechargeable and protected by a 1 yr warranty, but what's it for? Well you could use it solo, or during oral sex, but it's really meant to be used during hetero intercourse. She slips the smaller end inside and the other arm wraps around her pubic bone and rests against her clitoris. This still leaves enough room for him to enter her, enjoying the same vibrations that she feels, along his shaft. Both motors are simultaneously controlled by a small remote control. The generation 4 now gives you strength control on each of 6 patterns, but personally even the strongest setting is barely a 7/10, which is nice but not quite enough to get me off. I still highly recommend the We-Vibe 4, as it is the absolute best toy of it's type and even stays put in all of the positions that we tried. It even comes in a Plus version ( ) that is controlled with your smart phone from even countries away, as she (or he) wears it like a vibrating panty! Use a water based lube, clean with antibacterial soap and water. Charging in the included small plastic case for 4hrs, gives you up to 3hrs of use.